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KFhair is a place to provide wholesale hair with a variety of types as well as huge quantities. This means helping customers find the right product for their needs. We provide effective solutions to reach customers using targeted content placements and digital modern sales platforms. Start a dropshipping business with us without worrying about capital costs, space, customer care

KF Professional

At KF Professional, we understand each customer’s unique needs to deliver unmatched product selection, personalized service, best quotes, fast shipping and time-saving tools. so that clients can deliver on every project on time and on budget.


We always try to produce and ship orders to customers in the shortest time, with the least cost. We are looking for companies with even better capabilities to deliver the best quality and most economical shipping

Customer Gratitude

We always appreciate the valuable support and companionship of our customers, so we always want to support and bring the most satisfaction to customers with great promotions, unique gifts and value.

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KFhair Viet Nam Co., Ltd

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Address: No.28, Tran Phu Street – Tu Son Town – Bac Ninh Province – Viet Nam






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