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  • Hair material: 100% Human Hair
  • Place of origin: Viet Nam
  • Hair quality: Remy hair
  • Hair standard: Super Luxury



Product Description

  • Hair material: 100% Human Hair
  • Place of origin: Viet Nam
  • Hair quality: Remy hair
  • Hair standard: Super Luxury
  • Textile: Soft, smooth and silky
  • Clean: No lice, no nits or egg shells
  • Length: 8” – 30”
  • Weight: 100g/ bundle
  • Hair length: 2-3 years, longer with right care

What is Remy Hair?

Remy hair is all hair that is full cuticle intact and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance, which is not stripped. This cuticle will keep protein in the middle of hair fiber which makes hair fiber silky, soft though out its lifetime. It is easy for you to comb (although with your finger), special after washing it.
Remy hair is chosen from many hair donors and mixed together from many donors. The hair that is collected from Remy hair may have been previously processed (color or otherwise). Virgin hair comes from one thick ponytail from a hair donor that has never had any chemical treatment on their hair.

Grades Of Remy Hair

  • Single Drawn: The roots of the hair are cut equal (No short hair shorter 15cm). Length hair is not secure for all strands and about 50% shorter length hairs in one bundle. Therefore, the thickness will be maximum at the tip and slightly decrease toward the ends. This type has short hair inside each bundle (have 15 cm – 20 cm short hair inside)
  • Double Drawn: The thickness is full and stable in all bundle lengths. No short hair inside and more full end than single drawn hair (no have 20 cm short hair inside). Shorter hairs are eliminated by hand, not a machine. At least 70 % of the hair is of length so that the tips are really thick.
  • Super Double: Human hair is thicker hair than Double. It has approx 85-90% amount of hair strands that are in the same length.
  • Super Luxury: human hair is the thickest hair. It has approx 100% amount of hair strands that are the same length.

The Lengths Of The Hair

Kfhair offers hair lengths from 8 inches to 30 inches. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can optionally choose the length you want.

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Details: Hair is packed in a strong box, protected from shock and rough handling and suitable for long-distance transport.
  • Shipping method: DHL, UPS, Agents,…
  • Payment: Western Union, Money Gram, Bank transfer, T/T, Paypal, USDT,…
  • Delivery time: 5-7 days after payment is received.
  • Return policy: We accept return within 30 days, please make sure that the hair hasn’t been used or damaged. If the items you received are defective, please contact us first.

How To Order?

For more product advice and the best customer care from us, please click the Whatsapp link button or contact one of Kfhair’s sales staff.
-Anne: +84 787 760 621
-Kaity: +84 77 9538 415
-Ruby: +84 70 2380 616
-Nancy: +84 97 5308 830
-Emma: +84 97 4472 655
-Navi: +84 97 4472 551
-Rose: +84 36767 2006
-Sarah: +84 97 4472 711
-Mina: +84 90 5006 254
-Lucy: +84 96 8593 117
-Vivian: +84 96 6388 505
-Hana: +84 93 5606 548
-Alice: +84 38 5566 083

Follow us for more at our Instagram channel @kfhair_vietnamhairsupplier, @kfhairvietnam28 and @kfhair_showcase to see us update more product photos and videos.


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